Wentfest 2024

From Barnsley

The 265 leaves Barnsley Interchange at  08:55 and gets into Harley at 09.15. From there it’s a gentle walk of just over a mile to Wentworth, should take about half an hour. Don’t forget to stop off at the shop in Wentworth on your way for a bacon sandwich to set you up for the day.  After the day, walk back down the hill into Harley (please respect the neighbours and be quiet) and get the 265 at 22:26, back into ‘Tarn. Alternatively, call in at any of the three pubs you pass on the way and arrange a taxi from there.

From Rotherham

Couldn’t be easier to get there.  The 227 leaves Rotherham Interchange at 09:40, and takes you straight to Wentworth.  Getting home isn’t so easy. The last direct bus goes at 20.16. It’s the 227 again, but you’d miss the last act. You could walk to Harley, get the 265 to Chapeltown, then jump on the train to Rotherham, but you’d be better off going to a pub, and calling for a taxi.

From Sheffield

Right, dead easy. Get on the 08:40 from The Interchange to Rotherham. It’s the X78. Then, get into Rotherham and have a cup of tea for twenty minutes.  At 09:40 get on the 227, straight to Wentworth.  After the gig, a quick stroll down the hill takes you to Harley where the 265 at 22:15 will spirit you back home. By that time, you will have walked past three pubs. Why not pop in and phone a taxi?